Meet Alexia


Fashion-crazed. I’m a b*tch on a budget, so I’m constantly trying to make cheap look chic. I like to experiment with trends without abandoning my own style. I basically have one pair of shoes and those are my Docs (my friends and family have been trying to force me outside my shoe box for years with no success).

I love makeup, but I’m a super-rookie. I pride myself in getting away with as many drugstore products as possible. I, of course, have no formal training, so please don’t judge my skills, Internet. I’m terrible at following rules and I’m not a huge fan of “Instagram makeup.” I’m probably just bitter that it’s 2017 and I still can’t do winged eyeliner. What I’m trying to say is, be patient with me on the beauty front.

I’m a barista so expect a decent amount of coffee posts. But don’t worry, if you’re a bit overloaded on the latte-art snaps, I SUCK at latte art. Terrible. Don’t come near me if you want an Insta-worthy drink.

I love recommendations so feel free to send me some! Anything really: music, clothing/makeup brands, food, etc! If there’s a brand/product you’ve been wanting to try, but you need a guinea pig before you splurge, let me know!

  • Xo, Alexia

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Meet Ashleigh

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City girl at heart. I love food, fashion, decorating and champagne. I live in Cincinnati’s artsy/hipster neighborhood, Over-the-Rhine, so I’m surrounded by tons of vibrant and ~aesthetically pleasing~ shops, restaurants, bars and breweries on every corner. (It’s so hard to save money when you live this close to such great food and booze.)

As a college student (soon to be grad!!!) on a budget, I like to save when I can and splurge when it’s necessary. While I love high-fashion looks, I’m all about practical style that is both cute and functional for my regular, daily life.

When it comes to makeup, I’ll be honest: I don’t experiment too much. However, I love trying new beauty and skincare products; Ulta is my own kind of heaven. I tend to go for the less-is-more look when it comes to makeup, but I will say that lipstick is my absolute favorite accessory that I will always play around with. I like to say I loved lipstick before it was super trendy: Catch me in our family Christmas photos sporting red lips as, like, a five-year-old kid. (That truly speaks volumes about my personality.)

I am a journalism student with a newfound love for travel writing, so look for some posts in our “Places” section soon! This blog is definitely one big experiment; follow us through our journey of trying new fashion, tasting new foods, discovering new music and traveling new places.

  • Xo, Ashleigh

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Email: luxeandstardust@gmail.com