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As self-proclaimed foodies, my boyfriend and I love trying new restaurants around our city (or, honestly, anywhere). Cincinnati’s food/restaurant scene is flourishing, and we make sure to take full advantage of it.

Maplewood Kitchen and Bar, located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati, is a relatively new (within the last year) restaurant serving brunch and dinner. The decor alone is to die for with its neutral, bright aesthetic. The restaurant is described as having a “West Coast feel in Cincinnati’s urban core.” Love it.

Photo via Will F. / Yelp

Maplewood is a hugely popular brunch spot serving omelets, bowls and Insta-worthy avocado toast (the kind that will prevent us millennials from ever owning a home..hehe) plus a full bar with lots of yummy cocktails and fresh juices. On an average weekend morning, always expect a line. And if you’re into natural/organic ingredients, this place checks all the boxes. My personal favorite brunch item on the menu is the pastel omelet: three cage-free egg whites, one egg yolk, local mushrooms, asparagus, fontina, and a side salad. (I so wish I had a photo of it to share, but just trust me on this one.)

Photo via Eric C. / Yelp

All of that being said, I’ve been to Maplewood enough times to know that their brunch will always hit the spot. (Although I still need to try their coveted lemon ricotta pancakes!) So after scrolling through Yelp looking for dinner inspo, I came across Maplewood and remembered I still hadn’t tried their dinner menu.

Despite it being something I wouldn’t typically gravitate toward (I’m not usually a “bowl” type of gal), I ordered the guajillo chicken bowl complete with quinoa and farro blend, guajillo chicken, smokey black beans, roasted corn, avocado, pickled red onion (I have a strange affinity for pickled red onion), mizuna, queso fresco and charred tomatillo salsa. I’m glad I stepped outside my comfort zone because, BOY, was it yummy! I couldn’t get enough. Ben opted for the chicken hash, which was equally as delicious with rotisserie chicken, goetta (a traditional German sausage/Cincinnati staple), hashbrowns, onion, bell pepper, pioppini mushroom, jalapeño, corn and two cage-free eggs.


Needless to say, I’ll definitely be going back ASAP! I’m still dying to try the salmon and summer pappardelle. And if you live in Cincinnati or are ever in town visiting, Maplewood is an absolute must-try! View their full menus here.

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